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We help people tell great stories

The Judith Neilson Institute supports and celebrates quality journalism and storytelling around the world. Our grants and education programs equip journalists with the resources they need to produce outstanding work. Our events are forums to discuss the issues shaping the world.

The Institute was established in 2018 by Australian philanthropist Judith Neilson. We are based in Sydney but work with journalists and media organisations around the world. We are non-partisan and governed by an independent board.

JNI's headquarters

The building is a lively hub for all things journalism and storytelling, and plays a vital role in the Institute's work supporting quality journalism and informed debate.

The home of the Judith Neilson Institute is a gift to the journalism community from our patron, in addition to her initial pledge of $100 million to create the Institute. Our patron is well-known for her commitment to quality design and architecture, and this is borne out in the building — a sympathetic renovation of a 19th century glass factory and adjacent buildings, which, over their lifetimes, housed grocers, bag and sack merchants and an athletic club.

The design of JNI’s home is ideal for us to deliver on our mission to support quality journalism and informed debate. There is space for a small permanent staff to work, a flexible open plan area for news teams and visiting journalists to work or participate in workshops and education programs, and an auditorium (pictured) for events and virtual conferences, with state-of-the-art technology throughout.

JNI’s headquarters is a lively hub for all things journalism and storytelling; a beautiful venue for events of all kinds, including debates, seminars, workshops, as well as film festivals and satirical performances. It is also the base for JNI's Journalists-in-Residence, who come to Chippendale from around Australia and the world to participate in our programs and work on special projects.