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Inside the Media Scrum

Veteran journalist Malcolm Farr, who has covered every election since 1993, and Amanda Copp, Political Reporter from the CBAA National Newsroom take you Inside the Media Scrum.

Latest podcasts from Inside the Media Scrum

Listen to Malcolm Farr and Amanda Copp’s latest discussion about how and why the media
is covering the 2022 federal election the way it is.

Inside the Media Scrum:
Episode 1 - Get your go-bag ready

Inside The Media Scrum:
Episode 2 - Hire me, please

Inside The Media Scrum:
Episode 3 - Press pack mentality

Bonus Episode: Tory Maguire, executive editor, The SMH & The Age

Inside The Media Scrum:
Episode 4 - Positively negative campaigning

Bonus Episode: Anthony De Ceglie, Editor-in-Chief, The West Australian

Inside The Media Scrum Episode 5 - Mounting criticism of the media

Bonus Episode: Tony Windsor

Inside The Media Scrum Episode 6 - Bush politics

Inside The Media Scrum Episode 7 - The final stretch

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Mosaic Project

The Mosaic Project provides a cutting-edge social media disinformation track, trace and debunking service
for newsrooms around Australia during the election.

Why Mosaic?

Mosaic was one of, if not, the first web browsers to display images directly inside the browser,
revolutionising and popularising the internet with and for consumers.
Coming soon

Malcolm Farr

Malcolm Farr has covered federal politics in Canberra for 30 years, reporting for the Daily Telegraph, then mnews.com.au, and contributing to other news outlets including Guardian Australia and “Insiders” on ABC TV. He has worked on newspapers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Rome.

Amanda Copp

Amanda Copp is the Political Correspondent for National Radio News which provides news bulletins for 100 community radio stations around Australia. Amanda also hosts political podcast, ‘Bubble Pop’ which is broadcasts on the Community Radio Network. This will be her first election campaign out on the road.