Footyology expands its sport and entertainment offering

With the help of a grant from the Institute, Footyology is publishing more original journalism from a wider range of contributors, focusing on more sports and popular culture.

Managing Director Rohan Connolly said: “JNI’s support will be invaluable in our efforts to diversify our content and our range of contributors.”

“And building Footyology’s capacity to withstand the challenges of a an uncertain media and economic environment will create opportunities for both journalists and audiences.”

Connolly said there was a significant market for quality content and a large pool of capable journalists eager to fill it.

More than sport

The publisher has been providing independent, quality coverage of Australian Rules Football since 2017.

But, Footyology aims to feed its audience’s interests in both sport and popular culture, including film, music, television and current events.

“This generous funding will enable us to connect with that audience,” Connolly said.

“It also assists us to investigate more thoroughly the tremendous opportunities that lay beyond traditional media forms.”

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