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Indian Sun explores life for new migrants in Victoria

A grant from JNI has helped The Indian Sun to support a freelance journalist to work on stories about Indian migrants who have settled in regional Victoria.

The Sun’s Editor Siddharth Suresh said the project hadn’t been possible without JNI’s support.

“With the JNI grant, The Indian Sun has been able to allocate resources to explore more stories on migrants living in regional areas,” Suresh said.

“It’s very vital that these stories get told so that policy makers and organisations know how to address their challenges and help them settle successfully in these towns, making their new life in their new home fruitful and meaningful for everyone.”

Freelance reporter Indira Laisram is working with individuals, families, businesses, farm workers and religious leaders to explore some of these issues.

“Their challenges during the ongoing COVID crisis need to be heard and communicated in a timely manner so that they feel part of the wider community,” Suresh said.

“We greatly appreciate JNI’s support in this cause”.

Read the reporting

Take a look at some of freelance reporter Indira Lairam’s work.

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