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InQueensland expands Gold Coast coverage

Journalist Katrina Beikoff.

InQueensland, an independent and free news site, launched just weeks before the pandemic took hold.

The coronavirus shutdown brought opportunities for InQueensland to share its product with readers eager for information.

But, it has also had to respond to rapid changes in the commercial environment.

Publisher Peter Atkinson said the support of JNI has been a massive boost in helping InQueensland expand its coverage of the Gold Coast — a key audience growth area.

“The JNI funding has allowed us to engage Katrina Beikoff, a Walkley-award winning journalist and long-time Gold Coast resident, to produce insightful, in-depth coverage of major issues and innovations on the Gold Coast — as well as breaking some strong news stories,” Atkinson said.

Katrina Beikoff has delivered a steady flow of stories, including breaking news coverage of the death of Olympian Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullen, border disputes between Queensland and NSW, and the Sunshine State’s success as an isolation hub for the AFL.

Beikoff has also reported in detail on efforts to attract national and overseas film and entertainment businesses to the Gold Coast, and the battle of southern-Queensland universities to overcome the loss of revenue from international students affected by the pandemic.

Read the stories

Take a look at some of Katrina Beikoff’s stories.

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