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Inside Story digs deep into public policy issues

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

Inside Story has published four feature-length articles, exploring key public policy challenges facing Australia.

The articles were supported by a grant from JNI.

Three examined challenges in the healthcare system, while the fourth looked at the future of news.

In ‘wrong medicine’, Jennifer Dogget looks at the recent negotiations between the Federal Government and the powerful Pharmacy Guild over the Community Pharmacy Agreement.

Jennifer Doggett continued her exploration of policy challenges with ‘summer’s legacy’, a survey of the emerging evidence about the impact of last summer’s bushfires on Australians’ physical and mental health.

‘The long road to healthcare justice’ applied two perspectives — those of Aboriginal researcher Tess Ryan and non-Indigenous journalist Melissa Sweet — to the long battle by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people against the often subtle racism experienced both as patients and by their own professionals.

In ‘when the market fails’, Tom Greenwell looked at whether the Federal Government’s proposed link levy will really “save the news” in Australia.

In late 2020, JNI announced it would continue to support Inside Story, reflecting the importance the Institute places on strengthening media diversity in Australia, by helping independent media organisations to thrive and by encouraging the broadest possible range of authors and opinions in the media.

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