#LetHerSpeak campaign continues with JNI funding

Journalist Nina Funnell’s #LetHerSpeak campaign, which aims to amend the laws that prevent sexual assault survivors from telling their stories, has made a major impact.

In July, the Northern Territory introduced laws that allow sexual assault victims to speak to the media, using their real names, without the risk of prosecution. Prior to this reform, both survivors and journalists faced jail for identifying victims.

A grant from JNI has allowed news.com.au to continue to fund Funnell’s award winning reporting. This included a story about Lavinia Duga, the first person to speak out under the new laws.

“I’m so pleased Lavinia is finally able to tell her story on her own terms,” Funnell said.

“These investigations take months to pull together and require extensive resources. I’m so grateful to the Judith Neilson Institute for directly supporting that investigation and everything that went into it.”

“Not only was it a front page, exclusive story, but the investigation cut new ground with Lavinia becoming the first person ever in the NT to be able to self-identify as a rape survivor under the new legislation.”

Funnell wins Walkley Award

Nina Funnell received the Walkley Award for Public Service Journalism for her #LetHerSpeak/#LetUsSpeak campaigns and her reporting led Victoria to scrap its sexual assault gag laws.

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