Sharing the stories of inspiring women in Victoria’s Central Highlands

Journalist Kate Taylor.

The Local is a weekly news magazine distributed throughout Victoria’s Central Highlands, including Daylesford, Hepburn, Kyneton, Tylden and Creswick.

A grant from the Institute helped The Local to keep employing journalist Kate Taylor, as well helping it to engage a second freelance reporter.

Editor Donna Kelly said the grant was a relief at a time when the magazine was telling freelance reporters it could no longer afford them.

“That meant we could not only keep The Local happening, but we could keep producing some fantastic stories, including Kate’s series on Inspiring Women of the Central Highlands.”

Work keeps journalist ‘sane’ during lockdown

Kate Taylor said the funding has given her the time and space to focus on telling great stories, as well as providing a welcome distraction from the boredom of lockdown.

“Each Wednesday, I grab my cane and push my six-year-old daughter to school in her wheelchair, then I race home to write a story as part of my JNI grant about an inspiring woman,” she said.

“Being blind, a mother of a child of disability and a journalist is fairly niche, and it’s the journalist part that has kept me sane, kept my skills sharp and my brain ticking over during the stress of lockdown.

“It’s given me a space to focus on, to draw distraction from, a positive way to be productive and above all to tell the stories of some truly beautiful and inspiring women.”

Kate Taylor told ABC Victoria Statewide Drive the women she interviewed have done great work in their communities.

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