Adventurous female travel writers share their personal stories

Travel Play Live is an Australian travel and lifestyle magazine written entirely by women for women.

With the support of a grant from the Institute, the magazine commissioned award-winning, adventurous travel writers to share their most personal stories.”

Travel Play Live Editor-in-chief Elisa Elwin said the reaction to the stories has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Everyone is talking about the inspiring stories we have published and saying there is nothing else like it, and they want to be involved,” she said.

“We have pitches for many more.”

Elisa Elwin said the magazine only chose exceptional writers to contribute.

“This grant meant a real opportunity for talented female travel writers and journalists to be working and broadcast across Australia’s only adventure and lifestyle title for women by women.”

Travel Play Live writers recognised in prestigious awards

Writers Tracey Croke, Kerry van der Jagt, Catherine Marshall, Flip Byrnes and Shaney Hudson, who contributed stories for the Inspirational Women Series were shortlisted for the 2020 Australian Society of Travel Writers’ Awards for Excellence.

“We were fortunate to secure the support from the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas, which enabled us to publish our Inspirational Women Series,” Elisa Elwin said.

“These personal stories which covered the travel, adventure and lifestyle genres resonated strongly with our highly engaged readers. Commissioning writers of such excellence and publishing their inspirational stories during a difficult time has been incredibly rewarding.”

Read the stories

You can read more stories from Travel Play Live here.

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