Helping people with a disability tell their own stories

Travel Without Limits is Australia’s first disability travel magazine.

A grant from JNI has helped the magazine to engage writers with a disability to tell stories that are often overlooked.

The grant also enabled Travel Without Limits to diversify its content online and in the upcoming issue of the magazine.

Its writers have covered a range of topics, including travelling with a family member with audience and travelling with a child who is blind.

Travel Without Limits Executive Editor Julie Jones said: “We’ve also been able to use the grant money to employ a writer to interview a variety of people living with disabilities who don’t themselves have skills to write their own story.”

“These people have valuable information and stories to share so we are delighted to have the capacity to publish their stories.”

“The availability of paid commissions in the disability sector is minimal so we have been able to provide opportunities to these writers in particularly difficult times.”

One freelancer writer said the project had given them the opportunity to conduct exciting interviews and research.

“By connecting me with these editorial opportunities, the grant has introduced me to a new network of people from all walks of life and taught me a lot about the accessible and inclusive travel space,” they said.’

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