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The world’s leading journalists will converge on Sydney from October 27–30, 2022, for the Global Investigative Journalism Conference.

The conference, co-hosted by JNI and the Global Investigative Journalism Network, is the largest global gathering of investigative journalists. It features practical panels and workshops, sharing the latest investigative techniques, data analysis, online research, cross-border collaboration, and more by the best journalists in the field.

More than 8,000 reporters have been trained at the conferences. They have resulted in the founding of investigative collaborations, nonprofit newsrooms, and headline-making stories around the world.

GIJC brings journalists from around the world together to learn new skills and perfect their craft. Image: Raphael Huenerfauth/GIJN

The 2021 Global Investigative Journalism Conference was originally scheduled to take place in Sydney. This year’s conference will instead be held online from November 1–5.

Following consultations with public health experts, co-hosts JNI and GIJN found it unlikely that international travel would return to normal this year, or that vaccine distribution would be widespread enough to allow attendees from many countries.

Based on this advice, the decision was made to postpone the in-person conference to 2022. 

JNI is also playing a key role in GIJC21, hosting the Asia-Pacific part of the conference.

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About GIJC22

The Global Investigative Journalism Conference is the world’s largest gathering of international reporters. The 2022 conference is being held in Sydney. It is the first time GIJC has been hosted in the Asia-Pacific.