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In a world where news and opinion are just a click away, it’s more important than ever for everyone, including journalists, to understand how news is made, how it’s used and abused, and how it can be made more reliable and trustworthy for its audiences.

Journo is a new podcast hosted by correspondent and author Nick Bryant that explores the issues, opportunities and challenges facing journalists and shaping the media industry.

The podcast was created by JNI and is produced by Deadset Studios.

Bryant was the BBC’s Australia correspondent from 2006 to 2013 and has returned to Sydney at a time of unprecedented media disruption and polarised politics.

In Journo, Bryant explores how journalism around the world is changing, where it’s heading, and why more people are questioning the media’s commitment to truth.

“I’ve seen the media industry being overtaken by so many changes and, the truth is, I’m still trying to make sense of them myself,” Bryant said.

“I don’t expect to come up with all the answers, nowhere near, but hopefully we’ll ask some of the right questions.”


Episode 8: Clairvoyants and correspondents — Where political journalism gets it wrong

In the final episode of season one of Journo, Nick questions why political journalists have failed to predict election outcomes.

Episode 7: The story-breaker — The rise of Jonathan Swan

In the seventh episode, Nick gets the inside track on the journalism of Jonathan Swan, and what’s behind his rise in Washington.

Episode 6: Steve Coll on Journalism in this disrupted world

In this episodeSteve Coll and Nick reflect on the immense changes that have shaped the news industry over the past 30 years.

Episode 5: Live from your living room — reporting from the frontlines of the pandemic

Covid-19 has changed the way we live but also the way we cover news. In this episode Nick examines the ways the pandemic has affected journalism.

Episode 4: The Troublemaker and the Terrier

In this episode, Nick meets the Troublemaker and the Terrier. One’s a former lawyer whose fierce reporting has been stifled by a local council that says she asks too many questions. The other wonders how she’ll keep her one-woman operation going in the face of mounting overheads and increased regulation.

Episode 3: Who’s really listening — Reporting when your phone is the enemy

In this episode, Nick investigates the technology being used to monitor and intimidate those holding power to account — and finds a coalition of allies who’ve banded together to resist the digital incursion.

Episode 2: WeCensor — Getting news into and out of China

In the second episode, Nick  investigates how journalists can get accurate information to Australia’s Chinese diaspora, and whether it’s possible for foreign news organisations to get authentic coverage out of China without boots on the ground.

Episode 1: Journalists will be free to report — and other lies the Taliban tells

In this first episode of Journo, host Nick Bryant investigates the exodus of Afghan media, and the powerful spin from Taliban HQ that helped them claim the country.

Trailer: Introducing Journo

In this new podcast from the Judith Neilson Institute, Nick Bryant will take you inside the news, looking at how it’s made, disseminated and consumed.

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About the project

Journo is a podcast from the Judith Neilson Institute and is produced by Deadset Studios. Nick Bryant brings in-depth analysis of the issues, opportunities and challenges facing journalists and the media industry.