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Connecting journalism students with emerging ideas

Helping students engage with Constructive Journalism

The increasing tabloidisation, sensationalism and negativity of the news media has left audiences frustrated. Trust in news in Australia declined further this year and news avoidance in increasing.

Around the world, more journalists are making efforts to recapture their audiences using a constructive approach to journalism. Major news organisations are promoting solutions-focused, nuanced journalism that provides a more accurate and contextualised view of the world.

In partnership with the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA), JNI is funding a reporting project to help journalism students engage with Constructive Journalism ideas.

Hundreds of students enrolled in journalism classes around Australia are taking part in the reporting project, culminating in the production of high-quality stories using video, audio and multimedia for The Junction, a national collaborative student publication.

Learning from Constructive News experts

The two students judged by JNI, JERAA and The Junction to have completed the best work will be offered a one-month secondment to the Constructive Institute at Aarhus University in 2021. One of the students selected will be from the Pacific Islands.

Working with the Constructive Institute’s founder and CEO, Ulrik Haagerup, the students will take part in meetings with start-ups, media, politicians, and will take an active role in the Constructive News Lab. The students will gain insight and complete an intensive course in the principles of Constructive Journalism

Mr Haagerup is a former executive director of news at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. JNI helped bring Ulrik Haagerup to Australia in March for a series of events and newsroom workshops.

The Constructive Institute is based at Aarhus University.
Journalism Education & Research Association of Australia

About the project

Funding for a reporting project to help student journalists explore the idea of Constructive Journalism and a month-long fellowship for two students at the Constructive Institute in Denmark.