Supporting Community Voices

In partnership with Media Diversity Australia

Community Voices is an initiative of the Judith Neilson Institute, in partnership with Media Diversity Australia. Its goal is to strengthen the ability of individuals from diverse backgrounds to participate in Australia’s national conversation. 

Over the course of a year, it will provide 12 outstanding Australians with the training, support and experience they need to engage effectively with the media and contribute to the public discussion of issues critical to all Australian communities.

Participants come from a broad range of backgrounds reflecting Australia’s ethnic, linguistic, religious and socio-economic diversity, including different political and cultural outlooks. Individuals are chosen for their close connections to, and deep understanding of, their communities.

The program is led by an experienced team including Jim Carroll, the former Director of News and Current Affairs at SBS, senior journalist at Ten and Director of Media Diversity Australia, Antoinette Lattouf, and Ky Chow, a freelance journalist and media consultant and Professional Development Director at Media Diversity Australia.

Applications for Community Voices have now closed.

Media Diversity Australia

About the project

Community Voices will provide 12 outstanding Australians with training, support, practical experience and industry knowledge to help them engage effectively with the media. These skills will strengthen their contribution to public discussion about issues that reflect their deep community knowledge or professional expertise.