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The Joke is Mightier than the Pen

Presented by A Rational Fear and JNI

Can satire change the world? Never.
Can satire be more powerful than journalism? Doubtful.
Can satire be journalism? Probably not.

Australia’s top satirists asked themselves these questions and came up with the same answers during a special live event from A Rational Fear and JNI.

Join some of Australia’s most available smart arses as they wrangle with their (questionable) career choices and take a deep dive into satire’s ability to replace journalists at half the price.

Featuring cartoonist Cathy Wilcox, Alice Fraser (The Bugle), Jan Fran (The Feed), Ben Jenkins (The Feed), Lewis Hobba (Triple J), and Dan Ilic.


A Rational Fear is an award-winning podcast that brings Australia’s best comedic voices and experts together to savage news and current affairs.

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