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The Institute’s Journalist-in-Residence Program gives working journalists, as well as those involved in the production of news and factual content, an opportunity to undertake a deeper piece of work at the Institute.

The program provides journalists with the physical space and resources to support a variety of projects. These might include a book, a documentary, a series of articles or an investigative project. The Institute also involves the Journalists-in-Residence in its other activities, including its Education Program and events.

The Journalist-in-Residence Program has two streams: an Australian stream and an international stream.

Journalists-in-Residence are selected based on their career achievements to date, the significance of the project that they are proposing to work on, their ability to contribute to the Institutes objectives and their commitment to quality journalism. Participants reflect diverse career stages and ages, political outlooks and cultural, linguistic and socio-economic backgrounds.

The program is also a tangible expression of the Institute’s goal to make its Abercrombie Street headquarters a place where journalists can work, learn and collaborate. This is what our Patron Judith Neilson always envisaged and the building is a further gift from Judith to the journalism community, in addition to her initial financial commitment.

The Australian stream of the Journalist-in-Residence Program is named after Catherine Martin, who won the inaugural Gold Walkley in 1978 during a distinguished career, including nearly 30 years at the West Australian. JNI believes Martin’s commitment to quality journalism embodies the ambition the Institute has for its Australian Journalists-in-Residence.

JNI will soon be inviting applications for the Australian stream of the Journalist-in-Residence Program.


The international stream is named after writer, war correspondent and historian Alan Moorehead. Attaching Moorehead’s name to this program speaks to the Institute’s ambition to engage with journalists around the world.


Bill Grueskin

Bill is the first Alan Moorehead Journalist-in-Resident at the Judith Neilson Institute, the international stream of JNI’s Journalist-in-Residence program. He will be undertaking research into the impact of the News Media Bargaining Code one year on from implementation. Mr Grueskin will be in Australia from early February to mid-March, 2022, and will be working at JNI’s Chippendale HQ.

Yaara Bou Melhem

Yaara is a journalist, director and founder of Illuminate Films. She has won five Walkley Awards and her new documentary film ‘Unseen Skies’ has been accepted into the San Francisco Film Festival. Yaara will use her time at the Institute to work on a documentary mapping the tens of thousands of inactive mines in Australia, highlighting the environmental and financial impact of these sites.

James Saunders

James is a young, up-and-coming journalist with IndigenousX. His project will focus on helping other young Indigenous journalists and content creators to use social media more effectively to tell stories about Indigenous life in Australia. James will conduct a series of workshops at the Institute with young participants from across Australia.  

The projects

Bill Grueskin used his time in Australia to explore the impact of the News Media Bargaining Code in its first year of operation. Bill spoke to dozens of the central players and those affected by code to learn more about its implications here and around the world. He also examined the deals made between media organisations — both large and small — and technology giants Google and Facebook. While the code may be seen as a success story to those who’ve long yearned to force big tech to support suffering newsrooms, Bill found it a murky deal, “with details guarded like they’re the launch codes for nuclear missiles”. The findings of his investigation were published in the Columbia Journalism Review and can be downloaded here.


Catherine Martin

Catherine Martin MBE was a multiple award-winning journalist, whose honours include the inaugural Gold Walkley in 1978.

Her distinguished career, included almost three decades at the West Australian.

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Alan Moorehead

Alan Moorehead AO OBE was a world-famous Australian war correspondent, author and historian.

He has been described as one of the finest writers of the English language of the 20th century

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