8 May 2020

AI in the newsroom? What we're reading

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Take a look at some of the stories that caught our attention this week.


How artificial intelligence can save journalism

The Conversation / Patrick White

Francesco Marconi, a professor of journalism at Columbia University, has written a book about the use of AI in journalism. He says the journalism world isn't keeping pace with the evolution of new technologies. But, it could present big opportunities.


Australian media’s fight for press freedom should be a lesson to journalists worldwide

Nieman Reports / Gary Dickson and Margaret Simons

"Australia offers the world a sobering example of how a liberal democracy can incrementally surrender media freedom – and how hard it can be to fight back when the public is increasingly disengaged and distrusting of media."


The ACCC is facing a devilishly complex task in forcing Google and Facebook to pay publishers

The Sydney Morning Herald / Stephen Brook

"The task of designing a mandatory code, with enforcement, penalty and appeal provisions will be very difficult. Even more difficult: enforcing it."


What happened to Val Kilmer? He’s just starting to figure it out

The New York Times Magazine / Taffy Brodesser-Akner

Brodesser-Akner's masterful profiling of the elusive actor, who has lost his voice to throat cancer, captures his weird and wonderful character.


Interviews with the tigers from “Tiger King”

The New Yorker / Jessica Olien

Finally, someone tracked down the tigers! Do they think Joe Exotic is guilty and would they eat a human?