22 Jan 2020

J-school study tours to Asia and the Pacific

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Applications for funding for study tours have now closed.

The Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas is pleased to announce a new initiative to support short-term study tours by journalism students from Australian universities to Asia and the Pacific Islands regions.

For a number of years, Australian journalism schools have conducted study tours throughout the Asia and the Pacific. These tours play an important role, broadening students' experiences and deepening their connections with the region.

Funding these tours, including supporting students suffering financial hardship, has become challenging.

In response to this challenge, the institute is inviting journalism programs or schools at Australian universities to apply for a competitive grant of $20,000 to conduct short-term study tours to Asia or the Pacific in 2020.

Selection requirements

- The study must be to a country in Asia or the Pacific Islands regions.

- The tour must include a structured program of activities, including an opportunity for students to publish or broadcast stories created during the tour.

- As part of the tour, the Australian institution must partner with a host organisation in the country to be visited, such as a university or civil society organisation.

- The students on the tour must be accompanied by university staff.

Applications will be accepted from journalism programs or schools at Australian universities (not individual students).

The award can only be used for travel or accommodation for students and accompanying staff.

Applications that demonstrate how the funding will support students facing financial hardship will be viewed favourably.

Applying schools and programs can use the award in conjunction with other awards or grants, such as those provided through the New Columbo Plan.

How to apply

Applicant must respond to the following questions:

- What are the objectives and intended outcomes of the study tour?

- Which country or countries will be visited?

- Who is the partner host organisation and what is their role?

- How long is the tour and what are the planned dates?

- How many students and staff will participate in the tour?

You will also need to provide the following supporting documents:

- A letter from the partner organisation, demonstrating their role and commitment to the tour.

- A draft or indicative program for the tour.

- A draft budget, including the allocation of funding between staff and students.

The deadline for applications is 12:00pm AEDT Friday February 28, 2020

Main image CC-licensed by Unsplash via Marvin Meyer.