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Five reasons you can’t miss GIJC21

Join us for the premier international conference for investigative journalists

Image: Nick Jaussi/GIJN

Image: Nick Jaussi/GIJN

Every two years, the world’s investigative journalism community comes together for a giant training symposium and networking hub — the Global Investigative Journalism Conference.

GIJC21 tickets available now

Events are generally held every two years and have been hosted in cities around the world, including Copenhagen, Toronto, Johannesburg and Rio de Janeiro.

This year’s conference will be held online from November 1–5.

Here are some of the things you can expect at GIJC21:

1. Networking opportunities

GIJC21 will be an excellent opportunity for Australian journalists to connect with colleagues from around the world.

The most recent conference, in Hamburg in 2019, attracted 1,700 journalists from more than 130 countries — journalists you might never have the chance to meet otherwise.

The conference host, the Global Investigative Journalism Network, has planned online networking events for GIJC21, to help attendees come together, brainstorm and collaborate. GIJN has also organised a platform for attendees to contact each other and hold their own meetings.

2. Sessions and workshops on a huge range of topics

GIJCs are giant training conferences, featuring practical panels and workshops on the latest investigative techniques, analysis, collaborative approaches and more.

GIJC21 sessions will cover a range of topics, including:

Sessions are relevant to experienced investigative reporters, through to mid-career journalists and those beginning in the industry.

3. Learn from the best in the business

GIJC21 will feature a lineup of the world’s most enterprising journalists and thinkers, focused on giving you the tools to expose wrongdoing and abuses of power.

Previous speakers have included Rappler CEO Maria Ressa and Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz.

Hearing from these speakers is a must for every journalist who wants to invest in their professional development.

And editors, this is an excellent training event for your team — and you!

4. A data journalism smorgasbord

A quarter of the 2021 conference is dedicated to data journalism.

Some of the world’s best data journalists will be leading talks and workshops, covering all aspects of the practice, from the basics (spreadsheets) to advanced skills (Python).

There will also be demonstrations of mapping, data visualisation, data cleaning and web scraping, as well as tools that provide new and revealing sources of data for investigations, such as flight tracking.

5. An international focus

Each day of GIJC21 will highlight a different part of the world. From the Americas to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. The Asia Pacific day is co-hosted by JNI.

GIJC will bring the world of journalism, with the latest hand-picked ideas, thinkers, and practitioners, directly to you.

So, what are you waiting for.

Register for GIJC21 here