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Introducing the ‘News in Asia’ report

News and analysis of what happens in Asia has become critically important, not just to Asia, but to the world.

The Judith Neilson Institute has launched its News in Asia report, bringing together the world’s leading experts and institutions to provide a nuanced account of journalism in Asia.

The report deals with everything from how news is produced and consumed to the obstacles it faces and the advances it is making.

JNI’s Executive Director Mark Ryan said the report provided a clearer picture of the news landscape in Asia.

“JNI’s ambition is to make News in Asia an essential reference tool for anyone interested in journalism and the news media in Asia, from journalists, academics and civil society to policymakers and businesspeople,” Mr Ryan said.

“JNI’s goal is to make News in Asia a timeless and comprehensive resource.”

JNI would like thank the authors who contributed chapters to this report, as well as the Journalism and Media Studies Centre of The University of Hong Kong, the News & Media Research Centre at the University of Canberra, and the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford.

Asian Stories

Asia is home to half the world’s population. Its economy is bigger than the rest of the world’s combined. It is a growing source of technological innovation and its cultural influence is expanding.

Media coverage of the region does not always keep pace with its importance. Journalism in Asia is often focuses on domestic issues and collaborations by Asian media on regional issues are still relatively rare.

The Judith Neilson Institute is championing quality journalism in Asia in a number of ways. This includes its Asian Stories initiative, which is supporting reporting collaborations by Asian and international news organisations about critical regional issues.

It aims to encourage rich engagement between media in the region and counterparts outside it.