Schwartz Media

Funding for a Features and Field Producer for the newly-launched daily news podcast “7AM”. The role will report audio stories from the field and help print reporters adapt their work for audio.

Schwartz Media — Features and Field Producer

Schwartz Media — publisher of The Saturday Paper, The Monthly and The Quarterly Essay — has recently launched a daily news podcast called 7am. The podcast gives listeners a narrative telling of the big story of the day, providing context, clarity and thoughtful analysis. Drawing on and extending the reporting of The Monthly and The Saturday Paper, it will also break stories and tell others that are being overlooked. With the team from Australian Foreign Affairs, it will connect Australian listeners to key international news stories. 7am intends to launch with an audience of 25,000 listeners and reach 100,000 listeners in its first year.

The Institute has provided funding for a Features and Field Producer to complement the existing team. Elle Marsh was appointed to the position in October 2019.

The role involves reporting audio stories from the field, assisting print reporters to adapt their work for audio, including field producing with them throughout their reporting, gathering scenes and tape, and structuring their work for longform podcast episodes.