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South-East Asia bureau improves AFR Asia coverage

Funding to help reopen the AFR's South-East Asia Bureau

The Australian Financial Review has deepened its reporting on political, economic, business and trade issues in Asia since reopening its South-East Asia bureau in 2019.

The masthead’s return to a permanent base in the region — first in Jakarta and currently Singapore — was made possible by funding from the Institute.

The AFR published more than 200 articles by correspondent Emma Connors in the project’s first year and generated increases in page views and audience engagement for coverage on South-East Asia.

The project has already deepened the coverage of the region in Australia and built new connections between Australian and South-East Asian journalists.

JNI’s support has continued in 2021, with funding as part of its Asian Stories initiative.

Asian Stories

Asia is home to half the world’s population. Its economy is bigger than the rest of the world combined.

It is a growing source of technological innovation and its cultural influence is expanding.

Asian Stories is a multi-year, multi-dimensional effort to help Asian and international journalists tell the region’s most important stories in intelligent and compelling ways.

It also aims to encourage engagement between media in the region and counterparts outside it.

The Australian Financial Review

About the project

The Institute's support has helped The Australian Financial Review reopen its bureau in South-East Asia, a key region in global economics, trade, business and security.