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Bringing global journalism leaders to the Antidote festival

In partnership with Sydney Opera House

The space for rational debate and the contest of ideas is shrinking. Antidote provides a global stage for us to help enlarge that space.

Global challenges dominate Antidote festival

We want to encourage people to actually listen to other people’s arguments and respond intelligently, with a counter argument based on facts and evidence.

Antidote shows how this can be done in a way that moves debates forward, rather than into echo chambers where we listen only to those we agree with.

The Institute was the major partner of the Sydney Opera House’s Antidote festival for 2019. With JNI’s support, the festival was able to bring some of the biggest names in global journalism to discuss the challenges of reporting in an increasingly volatile world.

The looming global threats to democracy dominated discussion. Specific topics included how journalists cover climate change, how they work in authoritarian environments and free speech — who gets to speak in debates on society’s most controversial issues.

The festival was attended by  JNI’s International Advisory Council. Council members Steve Coll, Bruce Shapiro, Kyle Pope and Desi Anwar participated in panel discussions.

Sydney Opera House

About the event

The Institute was the major partner of the Sydney Opera House’s 2019 Antidote festival.