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Asia Society’s must-read monthly briefing

In partnership with Asia Society Australia

Asia is at the centre of global technological, economic, political and cultural influence. Access to high quality news and analysis is crucial for Australian audiences wanting to understand this important region.

The Institute has continued its support of Asia Society Australia to publish Briefing MONTHLY — a free publication providing curated news and analysis on Asia and Australia-Asia relations — in 2021 and 2022.

JNI’s funding will support the work of Briefing MONTHLY‘s editor-in-chief Greg Earl.

Asia Society Australia said: “At a time when we are witnessing a loss in capacity in Australian media to report from Asia, our two organisations join forces to provide factual and curated information and analysis on Asia.”

“The partnership also contributes to the Judith Neilson Institute’s commitment to champion high quality reporting, journalism and editorials in Australia and globally.”

Focused on business, geopolitics, education and culture, Briefing MONTHLY is distinctly Australian and internationalist, highlighting trends, deals, visits, stories and events in our region that matter to Australia.

The Institute’s funding will support the work of Briefing MONTHLY‘s editor-in-chief Greg Earl. Earl has been the deputy editor, opinion editor, national affairs editor and Asia-Pacific editor of The Australian Financial Review. He spent more than a decade as a reporter based in Tokyo, Jakarta, and New York.

JNI previously provided funding for Briefing MONTHLY  and Asia Society Australia’s essay series, ‘Disruptive Asia’, as part of its COVID-19 response.

Asia Society Australia

About the project

JNI is providing funding to support Asia Society Australia's Briefing MONTHLY, which provides news and original analysis on Asia and Australia-Asia relations.