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Asia’s coal dilemma

An in-depth examination of Asia's energy, environment and resource issues

Image: Dominik Vanyi/Unsplash

Image: Dominik Vanyi/Unsplash

Governments around the world are busy setting emission targets to transform their economies for a greener, net zero future.

A move away from coal fired energy is seen as fundamental to this transition, yet coal remains a key export commodity for Australia and a primary energy source for some of Asia’s fastest-growing economies.

In a special investigation, journalists from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore and the UK have come together to provide a unique regional perspective on the environmental, economic, political impacts of this transition.

Organisations collaborating include:

By supporting quality reporting collaborations, JNI aims to help independent journalists produce regional stories and better connect Australian audiences to them.

The Institute is funding more reporting collaborations between Asian and international journalists in an effort to foster informed debate about the many social, economic and technological issues that define and challenge the region.

Asian Stories

Asia is home to half the world’s population. Its economy is bigger than the rest of the world’s combined. It is a growing source of technological innovation and its cultural influence is expanding.

Asia is once again at the centre of the world. The world’s story is now an Asian story. But to tell that story the world needs great journalism — great journalism in Asia and great journalism about Asia.

Media coverage of Asia does not always keep pace with the region’s importance. Journalism in Asia is often domestically focused and collaborations by Asian media on regional issues are still relatively rare.

Asian Stories is JNU’s multi-year, multi-dimensional effort to help Asian and international journalists tell the region’s most important stories in intelligent and compelling ways.

It aims to encourage rich engagement between media in the region and counterparts outside it.

Asian Stories

About the collaboration

This project brought together journalists based in six countries — Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore — to produce in-depth investigative reports on the use of coal as an electricity source in Asia, and its social, economic, political and environmental impacts.