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Exploring China’s diverse diaspora

A series by The Australian

Image: Joshua Ang/Unsplash

Image: Joshua Ang/Unsplash

The Australian media frequently reports on China and its significant influence in the Asia–Pacific region. But, Australians’ perspective towards China is often framed through the lens of politics and trade. We have developed a limited appreciation of the Chinese identity — the ‘personality’ of the nation, both at home and abroad.

In a new 12-month series, supported by the Judith Neilson Institute, The Australian is exploring China’s relationship with its communities overseas and their role in the region.

Senior writer Graham Lloyd and photographer Vanessa Hunter offer a unique perspective on the economic, cultural and political influence of China’s diaspora.

'A tale of two Chinas' from JNI-funded China Diaspora series
The Australian launches China Diaspora series funded by JNI
The Australian

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Funding for a new series of reports on China that will examine the complex implications of the country’s transformation, both inside and outside of China.