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Field reporter brings new voices to 7am podcast

In partnership with Schwartz Media

Image: Jonathan Farber/Unsplash

Image: Jonathan Farber/Unsplash

Having established a strong audience, 7am consistently ranks among the most listened to news podcasts in Australia.

Elle Marsh joins 7am podcast with support of JNI grant

In 2019, with the support of funding from the Judith Neilson Institute, Schwartz Media expanded its team, adding Features and Field Producer Elle Marsh.

Marsh has a strong film and audio storytelling background, and has brought new voices and stories to the podcast.

The role involves reporting audio stories from the field, assisting print reporters to adapt their work for audio, including field producing with them throughout their reporting, gathering scenes and tape, and structuring their work for long-form podcast episodes.

About the podcast

7am is a daily news podcast from Schwartz Media, the publisher of The Saturday Paper, The Monthly and The Quarterly Essay.

Hosted by Ruby Jones, the podcast delivers news through in-depth interviews and analysis.

Tapping into Schwartz Media’s impressive pool of journalists and experts, 7am provides an insightful assessment of day’s biggest stories and issues that are often overlooked.

Schwartz Media

About the project

The Institute has provided funding for a Features and Field Producer for Schwartz Media's daily news podcast “7am”. The role will report audio stories from the field and help print reporters adapt their work for audio.