Forkast examines China’s Asian tech ambitions

A three-part series exploring how China is setting Asia's technology standards

China’s most recent five-year plan β€” its 14th, drafted against the backdrop of the increased US-China tensions and the COVID-19 pandemic β€” stresses economic growth and increasing self-reliance through innovative technology and domestic consumption.


But what do China’s technological ambitions mean for the rest of Asia and the world for the coming decades?

In a three-part series, supported by a grant from JNI, Forkast.News is exploring how China is setting Asia’s technology standards. Each story in the series will be driven by data and will be accompanied by infographics, podcast and video content.

About Forkast

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About the project

Forkast is producing a three-part series exploring how China is setting Asia's technology standards, with the support of a grant from JNI.