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New opportunities for Indigenous people to tell their stories

In partnership with IndigenousX

Rhianna Patrick will head up IndigenousX’s audio and podcast development, with the support of a grant from the Institute.

IndigenousX is an independent online publishing platform that features stories by and about Australia’s First Nations people. It was established by CEO Luke Pearson and is wholly Indigenous owned and is staffed by Indigenous people.

Patrick, a Torres Strait Islander, brings a wealth of experience in print, radio and TV journalism to the executive producer role.

Patrick will work closely with Indigenous talent and subject matter experts to find and tell original stories. Stories and topics will raise awareness of issues affecting Indigenous people, provide the opportunity for Indigenous people to share their stories and voices, connect the Indigenous community through sharing stories, and educate the non-Indigenous community through the sharing of Indigenous voices, ideas and opinions on all areas of Indigenous affairs, race relations and politics in Australia.

Rhianna Patrick and IndigenousX CEO Luke Pearson.

About the project

The Institute has provided support for IndigenousX to hire journalist Rhianna Patrick to lead its audio and podcast development.