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Fun and informative podcast for kids

A fun and informative podcast for kids and parents

Squiz Kids is a fun and informative daily podcast for primary school aged children, their parents and teachers.

The podcast is released at 7:00am each weekday and gives kids a snapshot of the big news happening around them, as well as plenty of kid-friendly content — because it’s a kid’s world too.

Hosted by journalist and father-of-two Bryce Corbett, the podcast is delivered with positive, humour and is strictly opinion-free.

It’s designed to fit in with families’ morning routines and is perfect for teachers to play in the classroom.

Listen to Squiz kids weekdays from 7:00am

You can also subscribe to Squiz Kids at www.squizkids.com.au or through your preferred podcast app.

Squiz Kids

About the podcast

From the team behind The Squiz, Squiz Kids is a weekday morning podcast that provides an easy-to-digest snapshot of the news for kids aged 8–12.