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Uncovering the truth about important issues in the Hunter

In partnership with NRMA Kennedy Awards

The Newcastle Herald is undertaking a newsroom-wide investigation into issues important to the Hunter, thanks to funding from the Judith Neilson Institute.

The Herald secured funding for the project by winning the Chris Watson Award for Outstanding Regional Newspaper Journalist at the Kennedy Awards in 2019, which was supported by JNI.

Your Right to Know

The foundation of the¬†Herald‘s ‘Your Right to Know’ series is a suite of freedom of information applications.

In an editorial launching the series, the Herald said journalistic scrutiny was more important than ever.

“In the Herald’s experience, politicians and public officials commit sins of omission rather than commission. In other words, it’s what they leave out, as much as what they say, that matters,” it said.

“Such behaviour shows why the ‘Your Right To Know’ campaign, and a free and trustworthy media in general, are so important.”

Chris Watson Prize

The Kennedy Foundation recognises the best of Australian regional journalism at the annual NRMA Kennedy Awards for Excellence in Journalism.

The Chris Watson Prize, named after the former editor of the Newcastle Herald, recognises the contribution regional newspaper journalists have made to the growth of the industry in Australia over the past 150 years.

Watson, who died in 2014, aged 63, served as a mentor to scores of young reporters.

The Institute provided the prize money for the award and, importantly, a grant for the winner to undertake further reporting projects on regional issues.

JNI also provided funding to the Kennedy Foundation, a registered charity, to provide assistance to media professionals facing hardship and to help promote the annual awards.

NRMA Kennedy Awards

About the project

A joint initiative with the Kennedy Foundation, supporting The Newcastle Herald's 'Your Right to Know' campaign.