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Building a hyperlocal news site with diverse voices

Funding to help The Terrier expand its digital storytelling

The Terrier is an independent, hyperlocal, digital journalism outfit based in Warrnambool, Victoria.

It was launched in 2018 by Carol Altmann, a former newspaper journalist, and offers readers a combination of news, analysis and opinion.

The response to the hyperlocal publication has been extremely positive and it has a growing reputation for tackling tough and underreported stories.

With the support of the Institute, The Terrier is exploring new funding models to broaden its coverage.

Developing a young digital storyteller

JNI’s grant also helped to give Carol Altmann the resources she needed to mentor Jess Chatfield, a young Gunditjmara woman, eager to learn more about digital storytelling.

Carol said Jess’s work had elevated First Nations voices in the local community, particularly women’s voices, and had added a new a dimension to The Terrier’s coverage.

For Jess, Carol’s mentorship has been an opportunity to develop her understanding of digital storytelling and journalism.

“Since doing this mentorship, I have developed a love for journalism, I love all the different ways of it,” Jess said.

“I have learnt how to use an iPad (properly). I also learnt how to plan before I make a documentary, I have learnt the importance of the message you get across to your audience…”

The experience working at The Terrier has helped Jess to see journalism as a career path.

“I have been thinking after my mentorship I would love to continue my love for journalism by doing a diploma next year at Deakin University [2021],” she said.

“I have found my passion in life.”

Jess Chatfield in the first days of the mentorship, interviewing Geoff Rollinson from Save the Hopkins River — Stop the Quarry.
The Terrier

About the project

The Institute provided The Terrier with funding to explore new funding models and to mentor a young Indigenous storyteller.