Building a business model for hyperlocal journalism

Funding to help The Terrier develop its business model

The Terrier is a hyper-local, online-only, fully-independent journalism site based in Warnambool, Victoria that offers a combination of news, analysis and opinion, all written in a distinctive, conversational voice.

The Terrier was launched in 2018 by former newspaper journalist Carol Altmann. The response has been extremely positive with growing recognition for tackling tough stories in the local area growing rapidly.

With the support of the Institute, The Terrier is exploring new funding models and a cadetship is to be offered to a young Indigenous journalist.

The Terrier

About the project

Funding to expand the content available on the Terrier, a hyper-local news website in Warrnambool, Victoria, by exploring new funding models, hiring local freelance writers and offering a cadetship to a young Indigenous journalist.