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Bringing news to radio audiences in the Pilbara

Funding to help Ngaarda Media produce more news bulletins

Ngaarda Media is a radio station based in Roebourne in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.

Founded as the media element of the Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation, it now operates as an independent body, promoting all the cultural and language groups of the Pilbara region.

Using radio, photography and video, it offers a platform to Indigenous and non-Indigenous people across the Pilbara to tell their stories.

The Judith Neilson Institute has provided funding to support part-time salaries for news reporters at the radio station, along with some travel, administration and equipment costs.

The funding allowed Ngaarda Media to expand the range of issues it covers and strengthen the community broadcasting sector’s news services.

Ngaarda Media

About the project

JNI is providing funding to enable a greater volume of news bulletins to be produced at Ngaarda Media in Roebourne, WA.