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Support for fact-checking during the COVID-19 pandemic

RMIT ABC Fact Check scrutinises misinformation about the coronavirus

The Australian public has been overwhelmed with news and information about COVID-19, from mainstream to social media.

Amid the waves of information, it can be difficult to spot the fake experts pushing coronavirus pseudoscience, the manipulated images and videos, or identify the agendas behind politicians’ bold claims.

The Institute is helping news consumers make sense of the noise. It’s providing support to RMIT University for RMIT ABC Fact Check, allowing it to commit additional resources to its efforts to tackle misinformation, disinformation and malinformation.

About RMIT ABC Fact Check

RMIT ABC Fact Check examines the validity of claims made by politicians public figures and advocacy groups in the public domain.

With JNI’s support, it publishes a weekly newsletter that shares the latest fact-checking news from around the world.

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RMIT ABC Fact Check

About the project

The Institute is providing support to RMIT ABC Fact Check to commit additional resources to its efforts to tackle misinformation on the COVID-19 pandemic.