Journalists and scientists collaborate to cover climate change

In partnership with Australian Science Media Centre

Image: Dan Gold/Unsplash

Image: Dan Gold/Unsplash

The Institute and the Australian Science Media Centre are working with media organisations on collaborative projects, connecting journalists and scientists, to improve the quality of reporting on issues of national importance, including climate change.

Time Is Now

In the first collaboration, with, scientists have worked with reporters to explore how climate change affects Australians’ way of life, debunk myths around climate change and bushfires, and what people can do to make a difference. editor-in-chief Kate de Brito said: “We began working with the Australian Science Media Centre in early December and we are grateful to them and the Judith Neilson Institute  for their support in accessing the skills and knowledge of scientists and researchers who work in this area.”

Take a look at some of the reporting from the ‘Time Is Now’ series.

The Green Recovery

In the second collaboration, Guardian Australia is examining how Australia can emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic with the environment as well as the economy in mind.

“The pandemic has devastated our economy but also presents a unique opportunity to invest in climate action,” said Lenore Taylor, editor of Guardian Australia.

“The potential for clean jobs and technology to stimulate the economy is an idea not just advanced by climate activists, but by banks, energy companies and major investors. The Guardian is committed to fully exploring it in its Green Recovery series.”

JNI Executive Director Mark Ryan said the initiatives are helping journalists work with subject matter experts to produce compelling, but most importantly, fact-based reporting.

“It’s a great example of how collaborative journalism can be applied to complex issues and share knowledge across the community,” he said.

Australian Science Media Centre

About the project

In partnership with the Australian Science Media Centre, the Institute is funding newsroom collaborations, placing scientists alongside journalists, to provide accurate reporting of important issues.