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Watch at JNI is the place to see stimulating discussion and rational debate of the issues shaping our world. Watch journalists, writers, academics, political and community leaders, and inspirational thinkers dive into the biggest ideas in journalism and beyond.

The Editors: Anthony De Ceglie

The West Australian‘s Editor-in-Chief Anthony De Ceglie delivered the second lecture in JNI’s event series ‘The Editors’ at the Institute’s Chippendale headquarters on June 2. He spoke of his core mission as editor of The West: to make the audience care. “To feel our stories in their bones, and in their guts and in their hearts and in their minds,” as he described it.

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How to write factual longform

The Judith Neilson Institute brought together five acclaimed writers to share their longform storytelling tips — The Saturday Paper’s Rick Morton, Good Weekend’s Amanda Hooton, ABC Background Briefing’s Mahmood Fazal, author and social researcher Rebecca Huntley, and former foreign correspondent and author Nick Bryant.

How to Electrify the World with Dr Saul Griffith

Powering Earth on green electricity is not fanciful thinking according to engineer and inventor Dr Saul Griffith. He has a plan for generating enough renewable energy to fuel our vast continent. And, according to the leading scientist, with some achievable tweaks to the world of business and the way we approach global capitalism, the transition away from fossil fuels can be achieved. Listen to Saul as he charts his solution – which leans on the help of an unlikely cohort: the Country Women’s Association…

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age’s Kate Geraghty and Anthony Galloway on reporting from Ukraine

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age’s Kate Geraghty and Anthony Galloway have recently returned from assignment in Ukraine, which the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas proudly supported.

In conversation: Noel Pearson and Paul Keating

Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating and Indigenous leader Noel Pearson met in a rare on-stage event at the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas to launch Noel’s book, Mission. The wide-ranging discussion covered Indigenous recognition, why Noel never became Prime Minister, and much more.

The Editors: Christopher Dore

The Australian‘s editor-in-chief Christopher Dore delivered the first lecture in JNI’s event series ‘The Editors’. He explored the vast opportunities before the industry, but spoke of the damage being done by journalists attacking their peers.

Millions of dollars for news, shrouded in mysterious deals

JNI’s first Alan Moorehead Journalist-in-Residence delivers the findings of his investigation into Australia’s news media bargaining code.

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